Leadership Committee

The Leadership Committee is a committee of the Katy Area Economic Development Council led by Stan Goss.  The committee seeks to attract and retain high quality workforce talent and families to the Katy area while striving to improve the overall quality of life for all Katy area residents.

Leadership Committee
Chair: Stan Goss
Carol Adams
Rehan Alimohammad
David Asaud
Craig Brooks
Kevin Carmody
Robert Carpenter
Chad Craft
Anthony Francis
Roxana Heredia
Butch Herod
Zachary Hodges
Ross Madia
Richard Phillips
Thomas Polvogt, III
Pamela Puckett
Anna-Webb Storey
David Woodham
Each year, the committee holds to Visions events.  The purpose of Visions events is to bring together a diverse group of visionary Katy area citizens and leaders to discuss topics relevant to quality of life in the Katy area.  Visions events serve as a tool to help identify solutions to make the Katy area a better place to live and work.

At each Visions event, presentations, open dialogue and small group discussions take place to share ideas and information about the opportunities, possibilities and hopes pertaining to the event topic.  The goal is to energize those in attendance and gain a broader perspective of the topic being discussed.  Past topics at visions events include Higher Education, Arts, Healthcare and Living Longer and Better.
From each Visions event, a white paper is derived which serves as a document for use to improve said topic area moving forward. 

The next Visions event will be held in November and focus on the topic of diversity in the Katy area.

If you are interested in learning more about the task force and how to become involved, please contact Katy Area EDC.

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Rick Ellis
Vice President
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