Other Incentives

Foreign Trade Zone Assistance (FTZ)

A Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) is land area within the U.S. that is legally considered outside of national customs territory. These zones are governed by a federal program that streamlines, reduces and sometimes eliminates import tariffs for U.S. importers and exporters. The program was enacted in 1934 to “expedite and encourage foreign commerce.” Today there are over 290 FTZs in the United States.  Katy Area EDC works closely with the Port of Houston Authority and has experience establishing FTZs for companies looking to locate in the Katy area.  Learn more on a full FTZ guide provided by the Port of Houston Authority here.

Permitting Assistance

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the Office of the Governor Texas EDT have established a relationship to assist companies with the State of Texas environmental permitting process. Katy Area EDC also provides assistance to companies and developers with permitting on selected projects.

Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC)

The Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center was designed to help Texas’ small manufacturing companies remain competitive in the ever-changing global marketplace. The TMAC Center provides technical assistance at a discounted rate for process improvements, environmental regulations upgrades and changes in technology and the market place.

Goodwill Incentives

One of the few EDC’s in the Houston Area to offer this assistance, Katy Area EDC helps companies establish roots by making a smooth relocation transition. On a case-by-case basis, Katy Area EDC staff assembles “Goodwill” incentives with local companies which include discounts for services or products associated with the relocation.
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