Workforce Solutions (Recruitment and Training Assistance)

Workforce Solutions (WS) at Katy Mills has a wide variety of business resources available to current and prospective employers in the Katy Area. These include: (a) pre-screening services of recruiting, screening and referring qualified applicants for job openings and customizing these services to meet individual employers’ needs; (b) providing space for interviewing and employer administered testing, and scheduling and coordinating tests and orientations at WS facilities or at the facility of employer; (c) providing quarterly on-site job fairs and customized job fairs for immediate employer needs; and (d) listing and maintaining job orders in Work In Texas. Contact Susan Dixon for more information at (713) 817-0344 or

Texas Skills Development Fund

The Skills Development Fund (SDF) program assists businesses and trade unions by financing the design and implementation of customized job training projects. This fund successfully merges business needs and local customized training opportunities into a winning formula to increase the skills levels and wages of the Texas workforce. Grants for a single business may be limited to $500,000 and funding usually amounts to about $1,190 per job. Tuition, curriculum development, instructor fees and training materials can be included; however, trainee wages, drug testing and certain travel costs and equipment purchases cannot be covered. Contracts are typically 12 months in duration.

On-The-Job Training

This is a federally funded training program delivered through the Katy Workforce Solutions Office. On-The-Job Training (OJT) is provided to participants while engaged in work that provides essential knowledge and skills necessary to adequately perform on the job. The program provides partial reimbursement to the employer depending on participant’s wage and is limited to about $3,000 per job. Certain restrictions exist for using SDF and OJT funds together.

Small Business Skills Program

Through the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Skills for Small Business program, small businesses with fewer than 100 employees, can apply to TWC for training offered by their local community college. The program emphasizes training newly hired employees - those who have been hired by the company up to three months prior to the date that TWC receives an application. The program funds tuition and fees up to $1,450.00 per newly hired employee and up to $725.00 per incumbent employee. Employers must pay the prevailing wages in the local labor market for the trainees funded under the agent.

Economic Development and Diversification In-State Tuition for Employees

The Economic Development and Diversification In-State Tuition incentive may be offered to qualified businesses that are in the decision-making process to relocate or expand their operations into Texas. The incentive allows employees and family members of qualified businesses to pay in-state tuition fees if the individual files with a Texas Institution of Higher Education. Without this incentive designation, a student must reside in Texas for a 12-month period to be entitled to pay the tuition fees of a Texas resident.
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