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  • Katy City Council approves contract for drainage improvement designs

    December 5, 2017
    By: R. Hans Miller - Community Impact

    The Katy City Council held a special meeting Thursday afternoon, unanimously approving a contract with Costello Inc. worth more than $437,000 for drainage improvement design and construction oversight.

    Costello has been working with the city to determine what improvements are needed to the city’s drainage infrastructure.

    The contract includes designing upgrades to the Pine Forest subdivision’s current drainage systems. Costello will also manage the design’s installation.

    Ralph Saldana from Costello was on hand to answer any questions council members had regarding the contract. He said that the design process is expected to take about two and a half months, and that construction may begin as early as March once designs are approved.

    The contract was signed immediately following the special council meeting, which Mayor Chuck Brawner said would allow Costello to begin work in the next few days. Since Brawner’s election, the city has worked to streamline the contract execution process to allow necessary services—such as drainage improvements—to be implemented faster.

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