Katy Area Overview

Located just a short drive from Houston, the economy in the Katy area has been ranked as one of the most recession-resistant location in the United States--for good reason.  During the economic downturn, Katy’s highest unemployment rate reached only 6.5%, which was much lower than surrounding areas, as well as the state and national unemployment rates. The Katy area’s diversified, strong employer base remained stable; it even grew in some industry sectors during the nation-wide recession.

Over 41,000 people are employed in the Energy (Oil & Gas) employment cluster. Compared to other Houston-area suburbs, the Katy area has more than double the energy employment and energy firms in its labor shed.

With an affordable cost of living, the area is home to abundant housing options, as well as many shopping and dining options.  There is no shortage of activities for professionals and families alike as the area features many entertainment options, ranging from beautiful parks to energetic festivals to athletic activities.

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Lance LaCour
President / CEO
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